Your Bridal Beauty Prep Plan with Sculpt Calgary

Every bride IS the belle of the ball on her wedding day with all eyes, cameras and attention focused on her every move. It’s no wonder that looking fabulous is on par (if not more important) than the food, the flowers, the venue and the guestlist for all brides to be.

Just as vendors need to be scheduled and lined up, so do skincare regiments and cosmetic treatments need to be planned in advance. Obviously, whitening your teeth, getting a facial or peel, your nails done, hair done, everything did…can’t happen the day of! So, yes – as soon as the big day is booked you should jump on your bridal beauty plan.

Here at Sculpt Aesthetics in Calgary we love working with brides to create a treatment plan and schedule entirely tailored to their specific needs, budget and timeline, so that when their wedding day arrives they look their most refreshed, radiant and ready for their happy ever after.

The Sooner the Better

Far too often beauty treatments are forgotten about in the scheduling of various vendors and what can end up happening is overscheduling last minute overlooked treatments back to back such that it only adds to pre-wedding stress. You want to look poised and serene when everyone is snap-happy, not tired from running around. Depending on your choice of treatments, you may require sufficient healing time, several visits, or time for the treatment to take effect (for ex. Botox).

This is precisely why we recommend clients contact us within 9 – 12 months prior to their wedding for an in-depth consultation where we can game plan for the big day.

Your Wedding Day & Honeymoon Bod

Getting serious about your wedding body goals begins with establishing a solid fitness and nutrition plan. Crash dieting or starving oneself is completely unhealthy and will have you looking exhausted, weak and well – not gorgeous! On your wedding day, you want to look healthy and glowing from within. That means eating right and exercising regularly.

For those trouble areas where fat won’t budge despite your many efforts, Body Contouring treatments are the key. These non-surgical treatments can produce tummy-tuck like results, breaking down fat cells via thermal energy. Whether you’re looking to reduce arm bulge, the appearance of cellulite, or diminish the circumferential radius of the waist, thighs or buttocks, our body contouring specialists will guide you through the best treatment options.

Here at Sculpt we offer both BTL Vanquish ME and Venus Legacy Body Contouring treatments.

Glowing & Radiant Bridal Skin

Beautiful, flawless skin is every bride’s wish and it begins with speaking to a skincare professional. Since everyone’s skin is entirely unique, having a specialist assess your skin and advise on a daily routine is of the utmost importance.

Depending on your skincare concerns there are numerous options available including facials, chemical peels, micro-needling, collagen-stimulating RF treatments and cosmetic injectables. Each has its unique benefits as well as timelines.

For example, for those who want to get Botox, it should be noted that results are not instantaneous. To all the first timers it can take up to two weeks to see the full effects and can last anywhere between 3 to 6 months depending on the site that is treated. If you don’t like the results of Botox, you want sufficient time for its effect to wear off.

For those considering fillers, again you want to ensure there is enough time for any residual bruising or swelling to heal prior to your big day. Hence the importance of contacting a professional to create a bridal beauty schedule and game plan.

Our skincare professionals will work with you and your budget to determine what is the best course of action for your skin so that you look absolutely flawless on your wedding day.

Perfectly Groomed Bridal Brows

For those with brows that grow just fine, we have brow shaping technicians that trim, tweeze, and tint your eyebrows into their most flattering form. Taking into consideration your bone structure and face shape, our estheticians will create the perfect arch so that your brows are wedding photo ready. And to reiterate, growing brows to a place where they can be shaped – takes time.

It’s all about giving yourself the time to complete the beauty treatments you want to have done and having a professional esthetic team on your side to help you be your most beautiful.

We love, love. Here at Sculpt, we work with brides to tailor a program that is as personalized as the wedding they are busy planning. Let us pamper you. We offer natural results, the highest safety standards and superb customer service.

Are you looking to get wedding day ready? Contact us today for your free in-depth bridal beauty plan consultation. XO

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