What to Expect After Your First Calgary Lip Injections

Beautiful lips are always in style and can transform the appearance of your face. If you want to achieve a perfect pout, then lip injection and enhancement treatments are for you. Here’s what to expect after Calgary lip injections.

A Quick Procedure at a Medi Spa

The lip injection procedure is relatively quick and painless. You’ll meet with a specialist at a medi spa to discuss your aesthetic goals and create a treatment plan. On treatment day, you can expect a quick procedure with minimal discomfort.

A Speedy Recovery after Calgary Lip Injections

The recovery process is generally fast after lip injections. You’ll probably experience swelling and redness in the area; some bruising is also possible. Most of the swelling should dissipate within a few hours; the redness and remaining swelling should gradually subside over the following three days. Mild discomfort is normal, but you shouldn’t experience pain. If you notice abnormal pain, strange sensations, or anything else that seems unusual to you, contact the medi spa for advice.

Immediate Results from Lip Injections

One of the benefits of Calgary lip injections is that you can see results right away. After the technician is satisfied with the injections, you’ll be able to see the results for yourself. Remember that your lips will probably be swollen when you see them for the first time after the injections so that the size will decrease in the days following treatment. However, you can begin to enjoy your perfect pout almost immediately.

Return to Normal Routines

Most people who receive lip injections can quickly return to their normal routines. You’ll probably be able to resume your activities on the same day you go in for treatment.

Now that you know what to expect after lip injection treatment schedule your appointment and give yourself the luscious lips you want.

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