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10 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections In Calgary

  1. It does not last forever
    Despite the assertion that getting lip injections means you’ve got them for life, that is not the case. Lip injections do not last forever, and you will have to get them redone eventually.
  2. You will need a refill every 10-12 months
    They usually last a period of around ten months to a year. Over this timeframe, your lips will slowly go back to normal.
  3. More sessions are better  
    While you can get your lips pumped all in one outing, it is better for your skin to do it over two to three sessions. It will be easier on your lips and less strenuous on you.
  4. Results will be immediate though
    You will notice an instant impact after the procedure takes place. You will only wait a few hours before you see the full effects of your lip injections.
  5. Think hard about how ‘large’ you want your lips
    Too many people underestimate how large they want their lips. They either go for something too plumpy or too small. Talk to your professional Medi Spa in Calgary about what works for your lips.
  6. You have to prepare for it
    You can’t just turn up on the day for it; you need to prepare for it. That means not taking any aspirin, anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen as they will thin your blood. You will also need a day or two off work for recovery.
  7. No activities afterwards that make the blood rush to the face
    That means no facials, exercise or massages. Blood rushing to your face can cause complications, such as bruising and swelling after the procedure.
  8. You can get a negative reaction from it
    As effective as the professionals are, there is still the chance that you can have an allergic reaction and the procedure could lead to an infection. Speak to your lip injection specialist about what to expect post-operation.  
  9. Always go to a quality centre
    You can find cheap lip injection centres across Calgary, but you risk your health by visiting them. Always go to an established medi spa in Calgary run by medical professionals. You will be in safer hands then.
  10. Don’t go too cheap or you’ll pay for it
    Cheap doesn’t mean better. Paying for quality means better results and fewer complications.

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