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Summer Skincare Advice From a Calgary Medi Spa

Summertime is here, and that means you’re going to have to take extra steps to protect your skin. You should take the necessary steps to protect your skin, as well as making it look great by following these summer skincare tips from your Calgary medi spa.

Summertime Skincare From A Calgary Medi Spa

  1. Laser Hair Removal Is A Great Idea (But Be Careful) 
    Having layers upon layers of hair can make your summer experience annoying – and warmer than it should be. You’re going to feel warmer and hotter with another layer on you. Which is why getting hair removal is an excellent idea at this time. But you can’t just get it and parade out in the sun immediately. Speak to your laser hair removal expert about the best way to get hair removal, and not getting affected by the sun.  
  2. Power Up On Antioxidants
    In a bid to give your skin that color and glow to it, you should look to stock up on your antioxidants (such as vitamin C and other certain natural extracts) so that you’re ready to embrace the summer. Not only will you give your skin some life in summer, but it will help protect your skin against any damage.  
  3. Sunscreen Is A Must
    It doesn’t matter if you think you need it or not, sunscreen is a must for your skin during the summer. Experiment and find the one that is going to work best for your skin. Every Calgary medi spa professional will tell you the same thing.  
  4. Don’t Exfoliate As Often
    You do not need to exfoliate as often in summer as you do in winter.  You will be sweating more often than know, and that is going to get your skin to do it naturally. Aim to do it once or twice a week for the best results. 
  5. Hydrate Your Body With Lotion
    Your skin is going to get awfully dry in the summertime, so you have to make sure that you always hydrate your skin with lotion. The trick, though, is not to layer on the thick winter body butter, but instead, focus on the thinner summer lotions. That way you don’t have to wait for it to settle in, and can be easily absorbed by your skin. 

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