Look & Feel Your Best With Botox Injection In Calgary | Sculpt Aesthetics

Soften, Smooth and Prevent Age Lines with Botox Treatment in Calgary.

Calgary’s Sculpt Aesthetics offers Botox® Cosmetic injections and are administered by trained Health Care professionals Jean Muir RN and Dr. Sam Salem. Prior to your initial treatment of Calgary Botox injections, a medical consultation with our Medical Director is mandatory and must be repeated annually or with any change in medical history.

Our highly trained professionals provide you with an individualized treatment plan to ensure you receive the best results.

Look & Feel Your Best With Calgary Botox Injections

You can count on the professional team at our medi spa to provide effective Botox injections in Calgary. We want to help enhance your natural beauty through services such as Botox, micro-needling or dermal fillers, so you can feel more confident in your day to day life. We are dedicated to making you feel happy, self-assured, and refreshed every time you make a spa, Botox, or Calgary microblading appointment.

For more information on Botox Cosmetic® treatments, please visit the Health Canada website.