Serine young woman is getting facial botox injection. Beautician hands in gloves holding syringe near her face

How to Prepare for your Botox Appointment

Although Botox is not an invasive medical procedure, it is imperative to be informed and adequately prepared for your appointment. Learning more about Botox and attending a consultation beforehand are some of the ways you can get ready.

Schedule Appropriate Time for your Botox Appointment

As with any medical appointment, relaxation is key before a Botox appointment. If at all possible, schedule your appointment for a day when you do not have to work or have other stressful demands. Some rest and relaxation is the perfect formula for before and after the procedure.

Attend a Botox Consultation

At some Calgary Botox clinics, attending a consultation prior to your appointment is mandatory. A consultation is an excellent time for you to learn more about the procedure and ask any questions you might have. Ask the physician during the consult about medications you should or shouldn’t take before the appointment. Generally, you should avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatories before having a Botox injection.

Get Informed About Botox

A consultation is a great time to learn more about Botox injections, but you may want to do some research on your own time. It is also a good idea to research various Calgary medi spas so that you know where to go for great Botox. Botox is comparative to other medical procedures and injections so you can also spend some time learning about lip injections and dermal fillers.

Other Ways to Prepare for Calgary Botox

Once you have planned a stress-free day for yourself, you’ve attended your consultation and done research, follow these additional tips and tricks to be extra prepared for your appointment.

Make sure you wash your face beforehand so that it is clean from make-up and other pore-clogging substances.

Consider preparing an ice pack to bring to the appointment.

Before the breathtaking results of the Botox injection emerge, some bruising might occur which is why you also may want to consider taking Arnica Montana pills to help reduce discoloration.

Medi spa physicians are fully equipped to enhance your natural look with Botox injections. You can make sure the process is as seamless as possible by preparing properly for your appointment.

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