Dermal Fillers in Calgary $700-$750 per syringe

Calgary’s Sculpt Aesthetics offers Dermal Filler injections and are administered by trained Health Care professionals Jean Muir RN and Dr. Wesam Salem Prior to your initial treatment of Dermal fillers, a medical consultation with our Medical Director is mandatory and must be repeated annually or with any change in medical history. Individual results may vary. 

Dermal Filler Calgary

Our highly trained professionals provide you with an individualized treatment plan to ensure you receive the best results.

Lip Injections In Calgary To Add Volume & Perfect Shape

Luscious Lip Injections in Calgary

Add volume to your lips and plump up your pout with professional lip injections in Calgary.

Lip injection and enhancement treatments are administered by our expert injectors who possess the experience, knowledge and artistry to create a beautiful, natural look. Whether you want a more defined cupid’s bow, or a desire to soften vertical lip lines, lift the corners of the mouth or achieve a fuller lip look, our medi spa specialists will assess your concerns, and tailor a lip enhancement, or Calgary Botox treatment, just for you.

Lip Injections in Calgary

This quick procedure provides long lasting results and patients can typically resume their normal routines immediately following treatment.

Lip Injections That Give You the Look You Want

Using dermal fillers to precisely define, balance and contour the lips, results are seen instantly. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a sugar that is naturally produced in our bodies and when injected into the lips binds with water therein to plump up and hydrate the tissues.

Given that every smile is different and each person’s desires vary, we encourage those interested in lip injection in Calgary, or our other services such as body contouring, to contact us for a free consultation to get an accurate estimate or to learn more about their options.