Young mixed race woman lying down receiving botox injection.

Calgary Botox 101

Botox is one of the most common anti-aging treatments available. Despite everyone knowing about it, what exactly happens during the procedure? What are the side-effects? What are the results? How does it work? We have all the information you need in our Calgary botox 101 guide.

The Calgary Botox 101 Guide To Key Questions

  • What Is Botox & What Does It Do?
    Botox is the name for a substance that is injected into the skin. The idea behind the injection is to smooth out wrinkled skin and create a more youthful look. It can also help treat muscle spasms and heavy sweating.


  • Always Go To An Established Medi Spa In Calgary
    Do your research and don’t go for cheaper options. Find the best botox clinic in Calgary, so you get safe and secure results. The cost will vary from place to place, but it is all about ensuring you get the best, and healthiest results.


  • It Varies For Everyone
    There is no set dosage for botox. It varies from person to person and depends on where they want the injections. And yes, the injections will hurt a little bit (it is an injection after all).


  • Aftercare Is Vital For The Best Results
    You will have to look after yourself after the procedure. You will have to avoid exercise or excessive sweating for a few days afterward as it can ruin the process. It will take between three to five days for you to see the difference.


  • There Are Side Effects
    There are a few effects that can happen. Some are more common than others, while others might require you to visit your Medi Spa for assistance. The common side effects include bruising, swelling and minor redness. If you notice that the botox was injected incorrectly, and it has spread to impact other muscles, you have to speak to a professional.


  • It Will Last You A While
    Depending on the dosage and where you get in the injections, your results will last you about a total of six months. You will have to book another appointment at a medi spa in Calgary if you wish to continue your youthful look.

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