Beautician performs a needle mesotherapy treatment on a woman's face

At Home Microneedling Techniques: Do They Work?

Over the last few months, there has been a craze of getting your micro-needling done at home. So it raises serious questions: does micro-needling work at home? Is it safe enough? Should you still get micro-needling in Calgary done by a professional? We answer the critical questions for you.

Does Microneedling Work At Home?

In the short term: yes, micro-needling does work at home. There are many products out there that can work well. If appropriately applied, and if you use a high-quality brand, then the effects will be visible. But it all comes down to what you feel like doing, and if you are confident in doing it correctly. If you can’t, you can be causing more damage to your skin than intended.

What Microneedling Damages Are You Talking About?

Depending on the type of product you buy, you can end up with the results you want. However, not all are considered adequate. In some cases, you will not get results at all, and it can leave you to have some serious side effects. Worse, if you do not it correctly, you can really damage your skin. You can end up with:

  • Scarring (that are permanent!)
  • Bruising around the injections
  • Skin infection
  • Peeling skin

If you notice side-effects right after the first time, you should stop using it then and there. Keeping it going can make things worse.

Microneedling By Professionals At A Medi Spa In Calgary

While at-home micro-needling is possible, it does not beat the likes of getting it by a professional at a Medi Spa in Calgary. While it is considered more expensive, you are guaranteed:

  • Safe results due to the experience of the professionals
  • It is performed under clean conditions, so your skin is safe
  • Professional advice on how to maintain it afterward
  • Follow-up procedures if necessary
  • The comfort that you know someone with experience is doing the job for you

If you decide to go with a professional, make sure that you go to a licenced professional that is certified and has a reliable reputation.

At Sculpt aesthetics, we provide both men and women with individualized anti-aging treatments and medical aesthetics. Our welcoming, state-of-the-art Calgary medi spa is filled with a skilled team that is ready to help you achieve your skin goals and help make you feel more confident! Contact us today if you’re interested in any of our services. Phone: (403) 453-0122

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