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Aftercare Tips Following Lip Injections In Calgary

Getting lip injections is an exciting experience. You’ll feel great and confident about your new look. But walking out of the Calgary medi spa doesn’t mean that the job is done. How you look after yourself following the procedure is going to have a significant impact on how your lip injections turn out.

What To Do After Your Calgary Lip Injections

  • Resist Touching Your Lips – Use Ice!  
    The general rule is that your lips are going to be super sensitive after the injections. You might even experience some bruising or swelling. During this time, you must resist the temptation to touch your lips. There is a simple way to treat this: ice it! Do it for periods throughout the first couple of days.
  • Take A Mild Painkiller If Needed
    If you are experiencing some mild discomfort and ice isn’t doing the trick for you, then you can take a mild painkiller. It is best if you take paracetamol as it won’t make the bruises any worse. Avoid the likes of aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • An Extra Pillow Can Help
    On the night following your lip injections procedure, grab an extra pillow, and use it. Keeping your head elevated can help reduce any swelling that has happened. It is a simple trick that can work wonders after lip injections in Calgary.  
  • Do Not Consume Alcohol Or Drugs
    Don’t risk falling into the trap of drinking alcohol or doing drugs after the procedure. Your body has gone through a process and putting unhealthy stuff in it is not helping.
  • No Lipstick For You
    Yes, you look fabulous, and you want to show it off, but don’t get too excited too early. Applying lipstick to your lips is not going to make you recover any faster. It can make your lips get worse.  
    Avoid Sun Exposure!
    Do not expose your lips to extreme amounts of sun. If you are outside, make sure that you apply sunscreen to your face. It will help protect your lips from cracking and dryness.

These tips can help you with all your lip injection procedures. If you want more information or if you want a personalized approach for your aftercare, speak to the specialist as your medi spa in Calgary.

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