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BTL Vanquish 2017For those who have made a concerted effort to reduce their waistline by going balls to wall at the gym and completely revamping their diet, shedding those last few pounds can feel like trying to drag a child out of a candy store. 

Even though you’re doing all the right things – eating right, exercising properly, getting enough rest, etc. all of a sudden progress stalls and you hit a plateau. Everything that was once effective, isn't working anymore.

When you first start something new, whether it’s swapping sodas for water or lifting at the gym, you can make progress quickly and everything rocks because you see the big changes. However, as your efforts are maintained there does come a point where progression is not as noticeable and it is here where the frustration can arise.  

Getting Over the Plateau

Fortunately, there is an award-winning treatment that effectively targets those stubborn areas like “love handles”, “muffin tops”, and “side flanks”, to eliminate fat cells once and for all.

No surgery required, with zero downtime and minimal pain, BTL Vanquish is the ultimate non-invasive body shaping and body contouring procedure.

Fat Busting Technology: BTL Vanquish

Using patented Selective RF™ technology, BTL Vanquish disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue. This radio frequency energy shrinks and destroys fat cells permanently resulting in appreciable reduction to the waistline and inner or outer thighs.

Utilizing a large panel which lies close to the skin but does not make contact, BTL Vanquish boasts the largest treatment area in the industry. This flank to flank body treatment provides smooth and even results for recipients without leaving lines of demarcation - that means no scars and no visible marks. In addition, because of its large spot size, more fat can be removed at once from a patient resulting in lower costs as opposed to alternative treatments.

Why Choose BTL Vanquish?

BTL Vanquish is the only non-contact body shaping device on the market. Its large treatment applicator makes the therapy more affordable, with more fat removed compared to other procedures. Its body shaping effects tend to be more uniform across the entire body part. As opposed to other devices, it is also available to patients with any BMI. Because the technology is based on the elevation of fat temperature, there is no risk of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (when fatty tissues thicken and expand cells rather than breakdown and excrete them) – a phenomenon related to tissue freezing technologies.

Is BTL Vanquish Safe?

Absolutely. BTL Vanquish is FDA and Health Canada approved, meeting the strictest safety standards. As an effective alternative to invasive procedures, BTL Vanquish produces results without the cost and recovery time associated with waist trimming surgeries. The patented selectivity of the treatment ensures only fat is affected while surrounding tissues remain protected. Patients typically experience a warm sensation in the treated area which may last a few hours post therapy.

See the BTL Vanquish procedure in action with this clip from the Dr. Oz show:

Book a BTL Vanquish Consultation Today

For those in the Calgary area looking for an effective non-invasive fat removal and body shaping procedure, look no further. BTL Vanquish Me is available at Sculpt Calgary and our master body contouring technicians have the expertise and experience to ensure you receive the safety and service you deserve.

If you have additional questions that have not been addressed here, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. If you’re ready to get rid of those last few inches, give us a call and we’ll book you in for your free complimentary consultation.   


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